DeJane’ helped me realize that it’s okay to be me. To be great and get my s**t together. Assert the things that I want in my life. Have goals and a plan then I can properly execute. She inspired me to create the reality I want and deserve in my life and it is good to be authentic and I do not have to sacrifice who I am to please anyone. I can love how I want to be loved now freely. I am powerful, a Goddess with “superpowers”. I now write out my intentions and dreams down in my journal and I make it a habit daily. Her words will always remain with me….”You got this girl”. I’m glad I have her as a lifetime coach!

Michelle Kemp
Mom of Twins, Retail
Have you ever had a vision but were unsure of how to bring it to life? Ever wonder what it would be like to share that vision with someone and they believe in you instantly? Well this explains my experience with DeJane’ Hill. I was able to express myself freely with her and the things I wanted to accomplish, but felt stuck She believed in my vision and me more than I did. She helped me formulate a plan and measurable goals and I feel more confident than ever this year and achieving success for myself. What stands out the most is how she helps you see what you are capable of accomplishing with and without her assistance. A very focused, driven and empowering individual. She’s more than a coach, she’s motivation and inspiration, but most importantly – she’s my friend.

Janette Johnson
Personal Stylist to the Elite
I never knew how much help I would receive from a person I didn’t want around me. I would later find out that she was placed in my life for a reason.
When it came to any problems I could always call DeJané to help ease my mind about whatever I was going through.
DeJané lost her mom a few years before I lost my mom. She handled the loss so well. When my mom was transitioning, I called DeJané to help me get through such a difficult time. She not only prayed with me and for me, but also told me about different scriptures to read and let me know that our mothers would be so proud of the women that they raised. And gave confirmation that it is okay to express my feelings, but our mothers were in a much better place.
DeJané thank you so much from the bottom of my heart just for putting up with me. You don’t know how much you’ve touched my heart, thank you so much for everything. I know thanks isn’t enough, but you’ve truly been a blessing in my life. Willing to go the extra mile to provide help to whomever is in need.

Naeasea Jones
Regional Retail Manager